The rbi2 is the world’s #1 suction rectal biopsy system used to obtain controlled consistent biopsies of mucosa and sub mucosa for pathological examination for the diagnosis of Hirschsprung’s Disease.

Eliminating problems associated with older suction rectal biopsy equipment, the rbi2 is a hybrid system made up of a sterile, single-use capsule, a re-useable handpiece and a negative pressure manometer.

The capsule houses an ultra-sharp blade for a clean cut, provides an airtight seal for precise suction and features a unique snap system to break the capsule for easy retrieval and viewing of the biopsy specimen.

Self-calibrating between biopsies and with highly visible indication markers, the negative pressure, single patient use manometer assists the operator to achieve neutral capsule pressure against the mucosa and provides repeatable readings.

Features & Benefits

Single Use Capsule

  • 3 capsules per pack
  • supplied sterile (gamma)
  • scalpel sharp blade
  • blade totally enclosed – no accidental sharps injuries
  • internal seal – consistent suction control
  • consistent, accurate aspiration
  • consistent specimen
  • no instrument servicing or blade sharpening required
  • 5 x 10mm depth measuring indicators
  • no internal blade lubrication required
  • disposable capsule, blade, seal, tubing & adaptor – infection reduction
  • quick twist and lock system suits left and right handed operation
  • quick snap for easy access to specimen
  • specimen captured in front section of capsule
  • instructions for use with each procedure pack

Reusable Handpiece

  • re-useable, easy to clean & heat sterilisable (autoclavable)
  • easy to use thumb trigger
  • light comfortable handle for steady placement
  • easy assembly and disassembly

Negative Pressure Manometer

  • supplied sterile (gamma)
  • highly visible identification markers
  • self calibrating between biopsies
  • allows neutral capsule pressure against mucosa
  • repeatable readings

Sterilisation/Storage Container

  • individual component pockets
  • re-useable & heat sterilisable (autoclavable)
  • marked with assembly & disassembly instructions
  • clear top for easy identification